Investment Management

Investment Management​

Investments play a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals by offering a variety of avenues to grow your wealth. A well-constructed portfolio takes into consideration your personal mission, vision, values and goals. It also reflects your appetite for risk, time horizon, need for income, and desire for long-term growth. An expertly crafted investment portfolio reflects and complements your long-term financial plan. There are various types of investments, which can be aggregated to construct a portfolio, which include: public markets, private equity, private real estate, venture capital, and alternative investments.

Public markets provide access to a range of investment options, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These assets offer liquidity and transparency, allowing investors to easily buy and sell securities in established markets. Stocks represent ownership stakes in publicly traded companies, while bonds are loans to corporations or the government to provide income streams through interest payments.


Mutual funds and ETFs offer diversified portfolios of stocks and bonds, and provide easy access to sectors, industries, specific countries, regions and commodities making them accessible to investors with varying risk tolerances and investment preferences.

In addition to public markets, investors can also explore opportunities in private markets, such as private equity, private real estate, and venture capital. Although investments can be made directly into privately held businesses, Investment in private equity is most often done through established funds. These funds pool client assets and invest in multiple privately held companies, often with the goal of improving operations and ultimately selling the companies for a profit.

Private equity investments offer the potential for high returns but can also carry higher risks and longer investment horizons.

Private real estate investments involve purchasing properties directly or through a fund. Funds pool client assets, and invest in real estate, often purchasing a specific type of real estate or real estate in a specific region. These funds can focus on a variety of types of real estate, such as commercial office buildings, hotels, qualified opportunity zones (QOZ), self-storage, industrial buildings, or distressed real estate to name a few.

Private real estate offers the potential for income and capital appreciation over time, and carries unique risks associated with real estate.

Venture capital investments focus on funding early-stage companies with high growth potential, typically in technology or innovation sectors. Venture capital investments can be made direct or through a fund which pools money from investors and then invests in multiple businesses, often providing funding and expertise in exchange for equity. Investing in venture capital funds enables individuals to invest in a more diversified portfolio of businesses. These may all be in the same industry, sector, region, or specific to a certain theme.

Venture capital investments offer the potential for substantial returns and come with significant risks due to the high failure rate of early-stage companies.

Alternative investments, including hedge funds, offer diversification beyond public markets and may include strategies such as long/short equity, event-driven investing, macroeconomic trends, and options strategies. Hedge funds pool capital from investors and employ sophisticated strategies to generate returns, often with low correlation to public markets. Hedge funds carry specific types of risk, which need to be taken into consideration, such as lack of liquidity, lack of transparency, and interest rate risk.

Many hedge funds utilize leverage which can increase returns on the upside (but may exacerbate losses on the downside).

The StoryOne approach to building investment portfolios

When constructing portfolios, we attempt to align a portfolio with your unique mission, vision, values and goals, while taking into consideration your timeline and risk/return profile. Each type of investment carries its own set of risks and rewards, and not all types of investments are appropriate for every investor.

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