Colour Grading

Slide to reveal the raw footage before and after colour correction and grading. Film: Little Boy Blue (2016).

A good colourist can make a a dull scene come to life. We correct and tweak elements like colour, contrast, and saturation to perfect an image. Then we apply a look and feel to the film. You may have references for the look you would like to recreate, or we can create a original look for your production, bringing out colours that communicate the story’s theme and meaning or that create a particular emotion or feeling for the viewer.


We work on industry-standard DaVinci Resolve to reveal the true beauty of your images, often hidden within the RAW data. We work closely with our scopes to ensure accurate colour reproduction across all mediums. We can access major formats including RED Digital Cinema, Sony XDCAM, Apple ProRes or ARRI Alexa footage, and in resolutions including HD and 4K.

Video Editing

With over 10 years of video editing experience, we can cut, trim, and splice any footage you own and create the video you envision. We have edited promos, music videos, short films, observational documentaries, and informational videos. Previous clients have included Prospero Productions, Holyoake, Amnesty international, the Department for Child Protection, Kailis Brothers, and Red Tiki among others.


See Creative Videos Production for examples of our editing work. We use a high-end Mac suite for editing and video grading work. We edit using industry-standard Final Cut Pro X but can operate Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere when required.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Bold, eye-catching graphic design and animation can make a video really stand out. From functional to striking, we have an eye for good design and the know-how to create what you have in mind.

Video Conversion

MPEG4? AVCHD? R3D? We understand video codecs, bit rates, resolution and file formats. We can access and convert almost any form of media content – whether it be from DVD or Blu-Ray to YouTube online video to an obscure camcorder format.


With 8 years experience in post-production and international television distribution, we can convert to the correct bit rates and resolutions supported by major broadcasters and online platforms without a hitch.